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  • Think and Grow Rich for Women
    As women, we sometimes forget how much skill we truly have when it comes to creating our own successful journeys in business and in life. Yet, it ...
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  • Something Wonderful
    Every day the people we get to work with at Dwyer Group inspire me. I especially love hearing the stories of how our commitment to our Code of Values ...
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  • Company values are a great recruiting tool
    In a recent survey of frontline employees across our franchise brands at Dwyer Group, we received some incredible feedback. First, we learned that an ...
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  • How Dwyer Group Leveraged Values to Build a Billion Dollar Company
    That’s the headline! And it’s posted on Inc.com by my friend and colleague Kevin Daum, a regular contributor for Inc. Kevin’s interest in the Code of ...
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  • Values: The Foundation of our Culture and Economy
    My gratitude goes out to Cary Maguire, Jim Amos, and David Grantham for mentioning my book Values, Inc. and my message on the importance of a code of ...
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  • Values: Look At What Your Actions Tell People
    The Wall Street Journal published a recent op-ed from Lou Gerstner , the former CEO of IBM, offering a profound look at corporate culture and inviting ...
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  • The Value of Great People
    At our recent Dwyer Group annual reunion, President and CEO Mike Bidwell said something that resonated throughout the entire gathering: “The people in ...
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  • From Franchisee to CEO
    One of the best articles I read this month was a guest column that Dwyer Group President and CEO Mike Bidwell wrote for Franchising World magazine. In ...
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