“Zig Ziglar will always be remembered”

A great man has gone to Heaven today. Zig Ziglar touched the lives of so many people and was the role model of positive thinking and constant inspiration to all who knew him. He was a man of character, and he was strong in his faith. I am fortunate to have known him during his time here on Earth, and my prayers go out to his family today. We are blessed with all that he left behind in his books and teachings. And for all those he inspired, I am sure that his words will ring true. He will “See You At The Top.” Zig Ziglar did me a great honor in writing the foreword to my book Live R.l.C.H. And I want to take this moment to share what he wrote, because it will forever remain dear to me that he believed in our focus at The Dwyer Group. Thank you, Zig!

 [Foreword by Zig Ziglar]

 I have spent the better part of my career delivering messages to audiences across the nation and around the world about the importance of a positive attitude.  Still, I am continuously reinvigorated when people see the inherit goodness that comes from approaching their life, their business, their very being with the right frame of mind.  It’s as if the light bulb goes off above their head, and they have been empowered to make the necessary changes in their lives required to reap monumental results they once thought completely out of reach.  And I also think it begins with a fundamental human trait that lies within all of us – a positive attitude.

Such is the fuel that feeds my desire to spread that message even further. So it was no surprise that when I first heard about Dina’s book and her passion to share the power of The Dwyer Group’s Code of Values and the ability for all of us to Live R.I.C.H., I reveled in the idea that this company was taking a bold stand about the importance of values in its business, in the lives of the people who make up the business, and in the customers they touch around the nation and the world.

I have known Dina, her family, and the larger collective family that is called The Dwyer Group for years.  Here is a group of people who ask to be judged by the simplest of principles.  Borrowing from the idea that we all aspire to become basically good, honest, caring, loving, and nurturing individuals, The Dwyer Group has focused on these desires in finding the best qualities within its corporate culture and among its associates and franchisees.  As a result, The Dwyer Group has built a highly successful company that, by no coincidence, is also fundamentally sound and devoted to is Code of Values every step of the way.  The stories told in Live R.I.C.H. are a reminder to anyone daring to journey into an ethical business, that the rewards are almost too numerous to list if we all learned the value of respect, integrity, customer focus and having fun in the process.  –Zig Ziglar

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