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  • The Importance of Hope

    I recently shared the stage with some amazing business leaders and inspirational colleagues and left with a renewed feeling of one of the most important things in life – HOPE.

    That’s what happens when you talk about positive things, share good news and hear amazing business success stories that are carried out by admirable leaders who care for their teams. That’s how you feel when you hear from pioneers like Donnie Smith, president and CEO of Tyson Foods; Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby Stores; and others. There are great companies realizing great success by – what I like to call – living and leading with values.

    America's Best Hope

    The event where this happened was called America’s Best Hope. And the subject matter was about the importance of creating and encouraging Godly leaders. Don’t let the topic scare you. This was not about passing judgment or being exclusive. It was about inclusiveness and one of the greatest things that knows no boundaries to discriminate – hope.

    There is an opportunity to renew hope in corporate America.

    Our society is bombarded by so many negative messages on a daily basis, that it’s easy to lose our way. The local evening news is discouraging. National headlines promote stories of unethical companies in industries deemed too big to fail.

    But there is still hope. And events like America’s Best Hope are a reminder that we can always champion a better path.

    I believe that many people must overcome the fear of being judged and just be your best authentic self. Some of the most basic rules in leadership that applied in kindergarten can transform the most complex organizations. Principles like the Golden Rule have a place in all scenarios, no matter the business. Inspire with this type of leadership, and you can be part of that hope.

    For me, the ability to transform the marketplace with how people lead organizations and the positive impact it can have on those they employ is immeasurable. And by a showing of those who attended this event, I know I am not alone. There is a serious desire to seek transparent, positive leadership for the marketplace. And I believe living and leading with values is a great way to get there.

    Values are real-life tools that can transform business.

    The America’s Best Hope gathering was designed to give real-life tools to take back to the marketplace. It inspired a discussion on an amazing national level. And for me it was an exciting chance to share my message about the Code of Values we champion at Dwyer Group to build a successful business.

    Dina Dwyer Magazine entry

    The path we have traveled at Dwyer Group remains a daily inspiration that I am eager to share with others. The growth we have experienced that today encompasses 13 service brands, 2,300 franchises around the world and a billion-dollar business is something that I want to protect. Not by the dollars we accumulate, but by the values we promote, the culture we embrace and the success that follows. It is by living and leading with values that we have created the foundation for our organization, which continues to drive our results.

    I detailed the beginnings of that success in my book Live R.I.C.H. And I have given the real-life tools for others to create a similar path for themselves in my latest book Values, Inc. By sharing that message at America’s Best Hope, in my own way I hope to inspire others to find the same success and happiness.