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  • Home Improvement Time
    If you’re like me, all this sheltering in place has revealed a lot of things around the house that could use a little TLC. It just so happens that May ...
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  • Values Can Carry One Through A Crisis
    When I was working on my book, Values, Inc., I found so many examples of strength through adversity. One that always stands out to me is the teachable ...
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  • Welcome (Back) Home
    At the end of 2019, I shared my decision to take a sabbatical . I didn’t know what my day-to-day life would be like as a result of that decision, but ...
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  • Praise-worthy
    As I enter this season of Lent, I am inspired over these 40 days of almsgiving about the importance of sincerely praising others. We don’t do this ...
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  • New Normal, Old Friends
    Welcome to my new normal. As it turns out, not working takes a lot of work…but it’s a wonderful realization all the same. I’m happy to say that almost ...
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  • "Ubuntu"
    Upon news of my sabbatical, I received a wonderful message from a colleague overseas. In it, he shared a word to describe this lifelong journey of ...
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  • Sabbatical
    It is with both a heavy heart and a reassured spirit that I share the news that I will no longer be serving as the Brand Ambassador or board member of ...
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  • A Challenge for National Franchise Appreciation Day
    For anyone on social media, it seems as though everything has a holiday. Just search “#National” on Twitter and you might be surprised to find that ...
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  • A Legacy to Honor For Generations to Come
    Recently, the Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University announced some exciting news that I’ve been looking forward to sharing… ...
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