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  • Family Love for Business
    As Valentine’s Day approaches, I am thinking about a special kind of love. It’s a love for the family business. Neighborly brands recently hosted our ...
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  • Seven Years After Undercover Boss
    It’s been seven remarkable years since I first appeared on “Undercover Boss” on CBS. And, in case you’re wondering what kind of lasting effect a ...
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  • Happy New Year
    Welcome to 2019! If you’re like me, you’ve already got things you want to accomplish. After all, people spend a good part of the holiday season ...
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  • The Power of Women in the Workforce
    - Women own almost 1 million businesses in Texas. - Texas women hold about 45 percent of the jobs in the business and professional services industry, ...
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  • Being Neighborly
    Recently, I was sitting in a Bloomberg TV studio in New York City doing a live interview about the unprecedented growth of our company and our ...
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  • The Hottest Customer Service Around
    As a Texas resident, I’m a bonafide expert on one thing: Summers are hot! But this year, the entire country has been sizzling with record ...
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  • How to be a Better Leader
    In a recent Inc.com article by Kevin Daum, I got to share one of my favorite pieces of advice about good leadership. Are your ears burning? Because ...
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  • Leaders Recruiting Leaders
    There’s one thing I’ve learned in the business world. It’s way more fun to work in a job that challenges you, expands your abilities and enriches your ...
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  • Being Part of Something Special
    I received a wonderful invitation from Radio Host Austin Meek to do an interview at my local NPR station, KWBU, for his show “Downtown Depot.” Austin ...
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