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  • Home Improvement Time

    If you’re like me, all this sheltering in place has revealed a lot of things around the house that could use a little TLC. It just so happens that May is National Home Improvement Month, and I’ve found plenty of improving to be done as of late.

    I’ve tackled many things on my own, like tending to a flower garden that I once only dreamed of having. Now I can cut flowers for my table, or gift them to friends and family as spring heads into summer with all of the beautiful colors. Even my hydrangeas are looking blue-ribbon ready after five years of steady love.

    I’ve also taken spring cleaning to the next level with my very own “give a bag” approach. I take a few minutes each day and fill one bag with things that could be donated to someone in need. This exercise, over some 40 days, has decluttered my home and hopefully simultaneously filled others’ hearts with picture frames, clothes, and all kinds of knick-knacks that still have a lot of life to give.

    Then there are the not-so-beautiful chores, like climbing on my roof with my husband to get leaves out of the gutters and to inspect areas that have led to costly roof leaks in the past.

    For every DIY challenge I’ve taken on in recent months, the results have been worth the elbow grease. But plenty of my necessary home maintenance projects have demanded the need for a real expert over my limited capabilities. And luckily, I know just the right people to call at Neighborly.

    When it’s time for a professional…

    Like so many other customers out there, Neighborly brands have proven to be essential for my home this time of year. And contrary to other businesses that have had to close during the coronavirus, Neighborly brands continue to work hard today just as they do year-round.

    Five Star Painting did some much-needed sprucing up on the exterior trim of our home, and their talented team also turned our metal garage door into a faux wood grain door that looks absolutely stunning. The Grounds Guys, which service our lawn regularly, added a very special touch to our outdoors as well by giving a much-needed trim to the climbing ivy that covers the walls of our home. Before, it was like a beard on an old man that was in desperate need of a trim, but the work they put in to handle it turned out great. With safe distancing in place, my home has never looked better.

    Then Mr. Appliance paid us a visit. Our dishwasher has been working overtime these last few weeks and it finally gave out. When Sterling (the name of the service professional from Mr. Appliance) showed up, he certainly did not disappoint with his sterling customer service. He diagnosed the problem, identified what needed fixing, and calculated the approximate cost for that repair. And then, after all that, he did something that showed his Neighborly values: he advised that I purchase a new dishwasher when compared to the cost of the repair. It was educated guidance like this that will have me call Mr. Appliance again in the future as my trusted resource. Those ethics can’t be beat.

    In case all of this wasn’t enough, a recent renovation around the water fountain at the entry of my home has Mr. Electric next on my list. The focal point is begging for new lights to be installed around it as both a safety feature and perfect curb appeal all at once.

    Not to be outdone at my own home, I even called on Mr. Rooter for a need at my mother’s house. Now in her senior years and peacefully living at home, she was the perfect candidate to have taller toilets installed in her bathrooms. Mr. Rooter took care of everything right away. It’s important modifications like this that accommodate seniors who want to age in place, and it was a home improvement that I expect more people will embrace as we all get older, live longer, and do so in our very own homes.

    I can only imagine what everyone else has been working on as the days and weeks have turned into months at home sweet home. I’m just grateful that Neighborly has been….well, so neighborly.

    Business is good. Business ownership is too.

    If my needs are any example, this is one reason business interest in joining the Neighborly organization to own and operate one’s own franchise continues to grow. The demand for these essential businesses shows no signs of slowing down. And the ability to join a proven franchise network with incredible training and a household name will continue to attract savvy people who want to be in charge of their careers, control their futures and claim a spot within the world’s largest franchisor of home service brands.

    If the happy franchise owners who have helped me are any indication of good times in any economy, I urge others to join their ranks and create more happy customers out there just like me.

    For information on becoming a franchisee with Neighborly brands, visit HERE.

    Keep living R.I.C.H. - with respect, integrity, customer focus and having fun in the process. Enjoy making your house the home you always wanted. And best wishes for all to stay safe and be well out there.