Dina Dwyer Owens

Like most companies, Neighborly has an official mission statement and vision; however, unlike most companies, we also have a Code of Values© that each employee is encouraged to know and follow by heart, with heart. The Code of Values serves as a set of universal guidelines to which we strive to adhere, from the bottom of the organization all the way to the top. In fact, any meeting of three or more employees at Neighborly begins with reviewing the Code of Values. That’s how our business has maintained a close corporate culture while expanding around the world.

For more details about our corporate Code of Values, please read Live RICH, a tribute to Neighborly and our roadmap for success across a global network of franchisees.

Our Difference

  1. R


    • Treating others as we would like to be treated.
    • Listening with the intent to understand what is being said and acknowledging that what is said is important to the speaker.
    • Responding in a timely fashion.
    • Speaking Calmly and respectfully, without profanity or sarcasm.
    • Acknowledging everyone as right from their own perspective.

  2. I


    • Making only agreements we are willing, able and intend to keep.
    • Communicating any potentially broken agreements at the first appropriate opportunity to all parties concerned.
    • Looking to the system for correction and proposing all possible solutions if something is not working.
    • Operating in a responsible manner: “above the line…”.
    • Communicating honestly and with purpose.
    • Asking clarifying questions if we disagree or do not understand.
    • Never saying anything about anyone that we would not say to him or her.

  3. C

    Customer Focus

    • Continuously striving to maximize internal and external customer loyalty.
    • Making our best effort to understand and appreciate the customer’s needs in every situation.

  4. H

    Having Fun in the Process!

    Everyone wants to have fun!


At Neighborly, we keep the Code of Values special. We strive to keep our values front-and-center every day, and encourage everyone in the company, from the leadership team to the associates as well as our franchisees, to know and embrace these values, “by heart, with heart”. How do we do that? The answer is to commit to the culture wholeheartedly every day. We start every meeting of three or more, including board meetings by citing the values as a team. We invite every franchisee to embrace the values. We ask that all associates carry a Code of Values card so that they may see and think about them at all times.