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  • From Franchisee to CEO

    One of the best articles I read this month was a guest column that Dwyer Group President and CEO Mike Bidwell wrote for Franchising World magazine. In it, he shared some incredible wisdom after 32 years in the franchising industry. And his first-hand lessons on what it takes to succeed as a business owner are well worth the read.

    From franchise to CEO

    Mike Bidwell, President and CEO of Dwyer Group.

    Mike almost sold his first franchise when it wasn’t meeting his expectations. But instead, he dedicated himself to making his business meet and exceed his goals. Then he became a multi-concept franchisee, and later a company executive for Dwyer Group, and today the President and CEO over the entire organization. How often do people want to give up on something that isn’t going as planned? It’s the people who dedicate themselves to persevering who always have the better journey.

    There are more than 2,600 franchise owners representing Dwyer Group service brands around the world. And Mike Bidwell has literally walked in their shoes. Read his column for an incredibly valuable perspective HERE.