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  • Live R.I.C.H. - The New Edition

    When I had the idea to write Live R.I.C.H. in 2005, I felt this enormous urgency to write a book about the Code of Values at The Dwyer Group. We were growing so fast that I needed a tool that could communicate the culture of our organization across our growing family. To me, the days when we could get everyone in a room and chat were a fading memory. To speak to everyone – literally, everyone – the message had to travel. Things had really changed.

    Live R.I.C.H. by Dina Dwyer-Owens

    Well, fast forward to 2016, and you can tell we haven’t slowed down. We’ve grown more than 50% just in the last 18 months. Our organization now includes more than 2,500 franchise owners in 10 countries around the world.

    And the stories of how we are living RICH have grown as well. That’s why the message of Live R.I.C.H. continues to deserve our attention. Because the book that filled a big need so many years ago is equally important in today’s context and with today’s stories for today’s audience.

    First edition, new edition, latest edition – how the Live R.I.C.H. book continues to relate to our business.

    The Dwyer Group had just gone private, attracting our private equity investor The Riverside Company, when I wrote the first edition of Live R.I.C.H. That was an incredible journey of support, franchise growth, acquisitions and more. The experience was so successful, that we attracted our next private equity owner at TZP Group, and a new edition of Live R.I.C.H. hit bookshelves to show our readers the advances we had made.

    Again, it was the right match at the right time that translated into more growth, more acquisitions, and strong development of our facilities and our team members across The Dwyer Group.

    That brings us to here and now. And I must admit, the third time continues to exceed expectations. We returned to The Riverside Company’s portfolio and exponentially expanded in size and scope, adding more service brands, embracing established chains, and extending our reach around the world.

    Thus, the latest edition of Live R.I.C.H. is now available. The book has been updated to reflect, once again, that the strength of our Code of Values continues to be an important foundation for our growing entity. And the job to share that message both inside and outside of our organization remains at the forefront to remind us how we got here and where we are headed.

    The bigger we get, the message remains the same. Values can continue to be our roadmap for the future.

    If you read the original version of Live R.I.C.H., I invite you to get the latest edition to see how the goal to live and lead with values has had a lasting impact on our brands, our associates, our franchise owners, our customers, our friends and family and more.

    The idea to make our Code of Values an important part of the conversation to how we do business, and what we get in return, makes me excited to see how we will continue to shape our industry and the lives of those we touch for years to come.

    To order the latest edition of Live R.I.C.H., visit www.values-inc.com.