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  • When Pro Bono Means Professional Bonus

    It’s in giving that you receive. You’ve heard that, right? Well, I believe it. And I’m amazed when I see the positive effects of this kind of attitude in the business world.

    Too often people look at pro bono work only as free work. But that’s not necessarily the case. I’ve seen pro bono work in action where an act of kindness to do something for someone without demanding payment was repaid in an even bigger way — with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness, happiness, and loyalty for that person and that business that no amount of money could ever buy.

    Piggy Bank

    When it comes to doing good deeds, it helps to “Let It Flow.”

    The Mr. Rooter franchise network across North America celebrated the holiday season with a special “Let It Flow” campaign in 2015. And the reactions from customers were truly amazing. In the spirit of giving at Christmastime, Mr. Rooter locations across the U.S. and Canada donated services to some very surprised customers as a gift for the season.

    The professional bonus from this pro bono gesture came in the form of praise, thanks and compliments for the service professionals, the Mr. Rooter brand and the ultimate reward of what the business brings to customers. How often do you see customers hug their plumber? In this case, a lot! The campaign was shared across social media, and it showcased people across the Mr. Rooter network living and leading with values to the highest degree.

    Just watch the reactions for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLVrZfCUWYk

    A random act of kindness is its own one-of-a-kind reward.

    The best part of these stories is that they surface at all days and times of the year. It’s not necessarily just about a seasonal marketing campaign. In fact, more often, it’s the random act of kindness that makes its way back to the corporate office when we see the incredible gestures that naturally pour from the hearts of our associates, our franchisees and team members through no directive but their instinct to help another.

    That was the case when Wendy Sloan of Aurora Ontario called Mr. Rooter Plumbing when her cat, Patches, had gone missing during a bathroom renovation. The savvy service professionals at Mr. Rooter had the means to camera search her home with special equipment to see behind walls and ceilings.

    And while that helped to find Patches, that left the homeowner with holes in her drywall. That’s when Derek Moreland, president of the Mr. Rooter franchise, reached out to Peter Sandica, president of the local Rainbow International restoration franchise, to see if he could handle the restoration job.

    Not only did Sandica’s business accept the job. The company did it pro bono.

    I’m sure the value of that job does not even come close to the love everyone has for Patches and the invaluable customer experience Mr. Rooter and Rainbow International delivered. It’s these kinds of stories that lead to business referrals. And a happy customer is the best product for any business!

    Here’s to many more professional bonuses that are sure to result from the good deeds that come from good people running good businesses. Keep living R.I.C.H.