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  • “Easy Listening”

    Grab your earbuds. Because there’s something I’m eager for everyone to hear.

    No, I’m not singing these days! Instead, I’ve had the amazing privilege to be interviewed on some of the world’s best podcasts in recent months and weeks. And I’ve been so honored to share my favorite topic — living and leading with values — with listeners across the country and around the globe.

    What we’ve accomplished across our Dwyer Group brands is hugely important for the growing conversation about values in the workplace. And as others seek to achieve a culture that promotes doing good in business and in life by also doing what’s right for one’s moral compass, our Code of Values at Dwyer Group is an example to be shared far and wide.

    Learning the smart way

    Growing up, I credit my father, Don Dwyer, for giving his children (me included) a life lesson by having us listen to motivational tapes from some of the country’s most popular speakers. I would listen to those tapes several times, and then he would test me on the material to see if I got the true message. Who would have guessed that learning by listening would be something I would carry with me for years to come and I would one day get to do some of the talking? Plus, what’s even more exciting is today’s technology in delivering those messages.

    More than 67 million Americans now listen to podcasts monthly, and more than 42 million listen to podcasts weekly. In addition, some 80 percent of listeners will listen to the entire episode of a podcast from start to finish. Plus, like those cassette tapes I wore out growing up, podcast listeners can maximize their learning time by tuning in while commuting to work, working out at the gym, folding laundry, eating lunch or any other task at hand.

    Reaching as many listeners as possible is now a growing goal for me and for what I want to share about our Dwyer Group brands. Plus, being a guest on a show can be head and shoulders above what it would take to travel somewhere, stay in a hotel, and get on stage to reach a fraction of the audience. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversations below. These are some of my favorites in a growing catalog of podcast appearances. Share these with your friends. Send the links to those who need to eavesdrop on a quality conversation. This is where the excitement starts. And it also involves one of my favorite values: “Having fun in the process.”

    The Ziglar Show:

    This show focuses on “Inspiring Your True Performance,” has achieved more than 30 million downloads, and I’ve been blessed to be invited twice. Enjoy my conversations with co-hosts Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar in both shows.

    Episode #402: Leading Your Life and Business with High Values

    Episode #468: Create Your Culture


    The Action Catalyst Podcast:

    Named one of the best business podcasts by Entrepreneur Magazine, I have to add that host Rory Vaden truly lives and leads with values at heart. And just like our goal to put our values into action at Dwyer Group, Rory is all about how to take action in his show.

    Episode #186: Value Driven Leadership with Dina Dwyer-Owens


    Entrepreneur On Fire:

    A “Best of" on iTunes, Inc., Fast Company, Entrepreneur and more, this show is on fire. Some 70,000 downloads of my episode are just a glimpse of how far this podcast reaches with host John Lee Dumas and the listening audience he calls “Fire Nation.”

    Episode #1744: Leading with values with Dina Dwyer-Owens


    The Remarkable Leadership Podcast:

    Host Kevin Eikenberry is the author of the best-selling book: Remarkable Leadership; Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time. And he has proven that lessons in leadership are worth the energy for any and all wanting to improve.

    Episode #30: Leading Through Core Values with Dina Dwyer-Owens