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  • The Ziglar Show…Again!

    When I was invited to be on The Ziglar Show last year, I was beyond excited. I am an avid fan of all things Ziglar, and the regular podcast that is hosted by Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller is one of the top business podcasts in the world. With more than 30 million downloads, the show reaches an incredible audience and always seeks to provide the best content for “Inspiring Your #TruePerformance”. That’s why I was so honored to share my message about my book Values, Inc and how living and leading with values can be the best approach to business and to life. That episode (Episode #402) generated more than 40,000 downloads, and I was ecstatic to be part of that conversation.

    And then… I was invited back last week! It’s a rare occasion that people make a repeat appearance on The Ziglar Show. Most guests who are interviewed are discussing a new book. And I haven’t released a new book since Values, Inc. But, I did release another tool — FOR FREE — to continue helping others define their own values for their businesses and their lives that they can act upon.

    You have the power to “Create Your Culture”

    My free download at dinadwyerowens.com is the “Create Your Culture” workbook If you haven’t already received it, go there and download it now. It gives people specific instructions to walk through the process of writing down concrete values that they can then put into action. The critical component is living those values. And, much like the message of my book, the goal is not to become the 95% of people who define their values, hang them on the wall and walk away. This activity is clearly designed to make a difference and take that final critical step that is monumental in shaping a great culture and building a great team.

    Last week, in Episode #468 on The Ziglar Show, I shared how people have done just that. That included an inspiring story of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and her congressional staff learning how to “Have Fun While We SERVE” with their own values. [Seek excellence, Everybody matters, Responsibly own it, Vigilant integrity, and Embrace change] And I was equally impressed with how Kevin Miller, a co-host of The Ziglar Show, had begun doing the same exercise with my culture workbook.

    Whether you read the book or download the free workbook, the end results are simply amazing to witness as others create these cultures that attract the right people, build the best teams, execute amazing leadership and deliver incredible results. Here’s to all those individuals who are learning to live and lead with values. I hope our story at Dwyer Group and how we work hard to stay true to our Code of Values and put them into action on a constant basis continues to encourage others to do the same.

    Thank you, Tom and Kevin. And thank you to all of the listeners of The Ziglar Show! You can listen to both of my appearances on The Ziglar Show here:

    Episode #402: Leading Your Life and Business with High Values View in iTunes

    Episode #468: Create Your Culture View in iTunes