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  • A Lesson On Reputation

    What if you went all the way to Washington DC to lobby for your industry, only to meet with your congressional representative and have her tell you all about your business first? That may be one of the ultimate signs of a strong reputation. And that’s just how it happened for Vinnie Sposari, a long-time Mr. Rooter franchisee from Seattle, Washington.

    Vinnie attended the International Franchise Association’s 2017 Franchise Action Network meeting on Capitol Hill. As a participant in the annual fly-in event, he planned to advocate for franchising with his representatives in Congress. That included an important meeting with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, U.S. Representative for Washington’s 5th congressional district and the highest ranking female in the GOP.

    But to his surprise, Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers already knew all about his business. And, more importantly, she spoke specifically about the Code of Values that help support Mr. Rooter and all of Dwyer Group's service brands. You see, I had the wonderful privilege of sharing our values and leading a workshop for her entire congressional staff two years ago. Cathy had the visionary goal for her office to write and follow an operational code of values for their own direction and clarity. And that exercise has proven transformative to this very day where she and her team look to their clearly defined values in how they live and lead.

    Shortly after that workshop, Cathy invited me to speak about living and leading with values at the Congressional Institute Retreat in 2016 - the annual gathering where Republicans plan their agenda for the year.

    From Washington state to Washington DC, values are making a difference.

    Vinnie was quick to share his experience with me. He was so impressed to hear how our way of doing business at Dwyer Group was being felt all the way in Washington. And it reinforced how our approach to doing good in business by taking care of our customers was similar to how one congressional staff was approaching its role in serving its constituents too. Recently named to the Most Powerful Women in Washington, I am eternally optimistic of the values that Cathy is shepherding with her team. Just imagine where this lesson could go from here!

    My thanks go out to Vinnie for his example in representing Dwyer Group and franchising and for sharing his wonderful story. He is a symbol of the impact that we create not only in our own backyard but to all of those we meet — even in our nation’s capitol.

    Who will you share your values with next? Do you hope one day to become known for those values even before an introduction?

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