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  • Home Improvement is Hot

    In case you’ve got the home improvement bug, you’re not alone. The weather is right, spring is in full swing, and all of a sudden people have an urge to spruce up their most important asset: the home. That’s good news for companies that can help them too.

    Happy National Home Improvement Month

    Mike Bidwell, CEO of Dwyer Group, said it best in a recent op-ed for the Waco Tribune-Herald. Not only is May National Home Improvement Month, but right now homeowners are sitting on top of the highest level of home equity in history ($5.4 trillion in cash, to be exact). So not only is there a desire for home improvements, but also a financial answer to getting it done.

    That's music to our ears across Dwyer Group’s service brands. As Mike pointed out in his article: “A new poll indicates that nearly three out of five homeowners plan to spend money on a home improvement project this year, and 36 percent of those who do will hire a pro to do all the work.”

    And, if you’re wondering where to get a great return on investment, check out a few of the most popular home improvement projects in Mike’s guest column. From landscaping to painting, and new windows to energy-efficient appliances, many home improvements aren’t just about good looks. They can be smart financial decisions too.

    All of it is pretty convincing evidence that supports our growing franchise network and more than $1.7 billion in system-wide sales. When people need a pro, they can find the answer across our Neighborly service brands. And, as I’ve seen first-hand, the pros do some pretty hard work that not only justifies the investment but also earns trust and thanks in return. Who doesn’t want to get to know a business like that?!

    When I Went Undercover, I Saw A New Kind of Value in Our Trades

    I always knew Dwyer Group’s service brands operated in high demand industries. But it wasn’t until I went undercover in the business at franchise locations across the country, that I saw an entirely new level of value being delivered to customers to maintain, enhance and improve their properties. When I appeared on “Undercover Boss” many years ago, I was on the front lines of home improvements. I learned the sophistication of the service trades, the systems that were in place that elevated the customer experience and the value of a job well done. But more importantly, I witnessed at a grassroots level the peace of mind those same service professionals gave to very thankful customers.

    Through hard work, sweat, sore muscles, and heavy lifting, service professionals deliver on a promise every day, seven days a week, in times of emergencies, and at all hours of the day. They do the kind of work that is not always a DIY job. They underscore why it’s such a hot industry, especially for customers who appreciate not getting hot and dirty themselves trying to fix something they may not know how to handle.

    It wasn’t until I was wearing a uniform and steel-toe boots, driving heavy machinery and keeping my own smile in 108-degree heat, that I understood just how valuable good men and women are in the service trades. It’s not only about the Code of Values we follow at Dwyer Group. It’s about incredibly hard work. And when Dwyer Group’s service brands embrace those jobs, the numbers speak for themselves.

    It’s a beautiful business. It creates happy customers. There are wonderful homes that are left better than they way service professionals found them. There may be no bigger reward than the smiles that are created from that experience.

    If you know someone who has a heart for that kind of experience, they should look at our franchise opportunities, be their own boss, and join a hot industry.

    Of course, if you’re a person who has the home improvement bug and just needs a pro to do the job, we have the answer to that too!