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  • The Best Can Get Better

    Just imagine if Amazon.com had stopped with books. What if the creativity ended there? But it didn’t. And today the e-commerce giant keeps expanding products and services.

    And what if Netflix hadn’t kept forging ahead after it approached Blockbuster to buy the company and take movie viewing to the next level? When Blockbuster said no, Netflix kept right on evolving. The DVD mailing service grew into an online streaming powerhouse. And where do you go today to subscribe and watch tons of content? That’s right!

    For anyone who thinks his business has peaked, think again. Being great at something doesn’t mean there is no more room left to improve. In fact, the very best companies are always trying to raise the bar.

    That’s the kind of motivation driving things at Dwyer Group. It’s not so much about the competition as it is about improving systems where we already excel. CEO Mike Bidwell gave a wonderful interview to Franchise Times magazine for the May issue that expressed just how Neighborly things have become. In particular, Mike shared the incredible impact of Dwyer Group’s overarching brand — Neighborly in the U.S. and Neighbourly in Canada.

    After decades in business, Dwyer Group took the plunge in creating an online platform to do a better job of marketing across our service brands to our core customer base. And the results have been incredible. In fact, business has increased so rapidly that Dwyer Group is nearing $2 billion in annual system-wide sales.

    How did things at Dwyer Group accelerate so fast? The company kept looking at ways to get better.

    As Dwyer Group has grown to 20 brands and 3,200 franchisees, the opportunity to maximize a range of services presented a wonderful opportunity. “In the last three-and-a-half years, we’ve completed an acquisition every four months,” Mike explained. And a happy customer of one service brand might love to know Dwyer Group has several other service brands to meet their needs to repair, maintain and enhance their properties.

    That’s where Neighborly has gotten…well, neighborly, with those customers. Historically, the data showed that only 2 percent of some 1.5 million customers of a Dwyer service brand had done business with another Dwyer brand. But since launching Neighborly and showing them this range of expertise, Dwyer Group has improved that number by 30 percent. And the best just keeps getting better.

    Do you know any great service trade professionals? Are they looking to get even better? Then they need to be part of a family of brands that collectively help drive business to each other. They need to get Neighborly as a Dwyer service brand.