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  • A Challenge for National Franchise Appreciation Day

    For anyone on social media, it seems as though everything has a holiday. Just search “#National” on Twitter and you might be surprised to find that today is a holiday you didn’t know existed. The best part of this modern phenomenon? With each new day brings a new opportunity for celebration and paying tribute.

    As it turns out, franchising has its own national holiday as well. National Franchise Appreciation Day is recognized by many on the last Saturday of the month of August, which happens to be tomorrow.

    For customers worldwide, National Franchise Appreciation Day serves as a reminder to support local franchise businesses within our communities. For those whose careers revolve around franchising - both franchisors and franchisees - you likely find yourselves feeling especially grateful on this day that you’ve found this career path.

    Neighborly has always seen the value in franchising

    Neighborly was founded with a long-term vision to become what we are now: a family of related franchise brands that would provide high-quality residential and light commercial services. With a vision that had franchising at the root of its success from day one, our company never saw the end-user of the home services we provide as the only customer we serve. Rather, the company’s purpose has always been to focus on the bigger picture chance to help others achieve their dreams of business ownership. Hence Neighborly’s mission to this day: To teach our principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch live happier and more successful lives.

    Franchising helps everyone

    Neighborly’s mission to improve the lives of ALL people we connect with aligns perfectly with the greatest benefit of franchising. Not only are there businesses providing products and services to people who need them, but the people behind these businesses are hardworking individuals striving to achieve their professional dreams by partnering with larger organizations that offer the systems to get them there.

    So on National Franchise Appreciation Day this year, I’m reflecting on how much the franchise business model has impacted the business my father founded, my own career, and the careers of so many other men and women.

    For so many, franchising opens a door to career opportunities that may not have been accessible without the systems and support of a franchisor to lean on. Without franchising, many business owners today may not have had the means or the courage to launch their own businesses, leaving the communities they contribute to with a void that only the franchise brands they own and operate would have filled.

    How can franchising benefit you?

    Whether it’s National Franchise Appreciation Day or any other day of the year, I urge you to #ShopLocal in order to support the franchises in your own community.

    But beyond that, if you’re looking for a new career opportunity that will give you both structure and autonomy all in one, then I challenge you to look into becoming a franchise owner yourself. You may find that the business model that has positively impacted the lives of so many people for so many years could also benefit you.

    Where better to start this process than by looking into the franchise opportunities offered by an organization that’s mastered the system with nearly 40 years of franchisor experience? Head over to Neighborly’s franchising website today for more on all the opportunities we provide to help you launch your own business.

    Who knows? You may find yourself one day looking back on National Franchise Appreciation Day in 2019 as the day your journey to business ownership truly began.