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  • Seven Years After Undercover Boss

    It’s been seven remarkable years since I first appeared on “Undercover Boss” on CBS. And, in case you’re wondering what kind of lasting effect a powerful TV show can have on a business, I still get emails, social media posts, and direct messages from viewers who have recently seen me on a rebroadcast of that episode and the followup “Epic Bosses” broadcast that aired. People have purchased franchises because of the show. Customers have referenced it. Job-seekers reach out to this very day asking if we are looking to hire. Thanks to cable TV, Netflix, international broadcast partners and more, this series has reached an untold number of people across the country and around the world over the years. The influence and impact of this show will never be taken for granted. But, likewise, neither will the Code of Values that led me on my undercover journey and continues to support our epic business.

    Seven years ago…

    • We had 7 service brands.
    • We had 1,000+ franchisees.
    • We were called The Dwyer Group.
    • I was the CEO - a.k.a. the “Boss.”
    • We had an incredible Code of Values for our organization.

    And today…

    • We have 21 service brands.
    • We have 3,500+ franchisees.
    • We are called Neighborly.
    • I am the Brand Ambassador.
    • We have an incredible Code of Values for our organization.

    I guess you could say a lot has changed. I thought we were a pretty big organization in 2012 when that episode aired. In fact, the network had to consider just how to tell a story that included so many brand names in one show. [I can only imagine the hurdles of showing 21 service brands with undercover jobs now. That’s not a television show. It’s a miniseries!] But, in fact, it was a common theme that all of our service brands helped the same customer base that still exists today. Our goal to repair, maintain and enhance homes and businesses through our service trades is a never-ending constant. Likewise, the same Code of Values has kept us grounded with a stellar culture as we have grown the business and our many service brands to countries all over the world. And, most importantly, overseeing the whole thing is an incredible boss, Mike Bidwell, as president and CEO, with our amazing leadership team today. The trajectory of our growth and our overarching brand as Neighborly has positioned us for even greater things ahead as we focus on reaching $2B in annual system-wide sales. And at the heart of this evolution is a keen focus on the customer that I can still recall first-hand from my time on the front lines.

    Seven years ago, I was riding “undercover” in vans with service professionals on a mission to fix a problem, help a customer, deliver on a brand promise and be rewarded with a smile. That call to serve is what I remember the most from my journey on “Undercover Boss.” It’s that approach to business, in what is oftentimes a dire situation, that restores an air conditioner on a hot summer day, or repairs a broken kitchen appliance in time to make dinner, or installs a new car windshield after a hailstorm, or brings a yard back to life in all of nature’s glory. It showed me our Code of Values in action. It’s one reason we continue to Live R.I.C.H. at Neighborly long after the TV cameras have stopped filming. In fact, our Women in the Trades program that was started on that show is one example that just keeps on growing.

    So, here’s to our themes of Respect, Integrity, Customer focus and Having fun in the process that have helped turn a business with a big mission into an icon in the industry with a reputation that often proceeds it.

    For more about franchise opportunities with our Neighborly brands, visit: http://bit.ly/2OxDZuxNeighborlyfranchises.