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  • Happy Anniversary, Values, Inc.

    Three years. Countless blessings. That’s how I see it.

    It was three years ago, this month, that I released my book Values, Inc. I could have never dreamed the impact this project would have on me. In case you ever have a desire to look outside of yourself and venture outside your comfort zone…in case you want to share a good thing with an even bigger audience…this is my example for you.

    After a long and successful business track record at Neighborly, we had enjoyed one of the most rewarding benefits of the special culture we had created. On a daily basis, we were inundated with stories from across our franchise networks that showcased our company’s values in action. It was (and continues to be) one of the greatest gifts for championing a strong Code of Values across our home services at Neighborly.

    That led me to write my first book Live R.I.C.H. to share many of those incredible stories with our greater franchise family and, to a wonderful surprise, a very interested audience outside of our company as well.

    Soon after, I was challenged to expand my message not only to show what was possible across our own organization, but also to inspire others with that same possibility for whatever journey they might be making.

    Time for good news!

    If you’re like me, you might avoid watching the news on TV or reading the day’s headlines on the internet. They’re full of negative stories. It’s a wonderful way to invite depression and pessimism into your life. But, deep in my soul, I knew there were people who craved good news. And, in additional to what was happening at Neighborly, there were plenty of positive stories that deserved to be shared.

    I wanted to take it even further. Not only were there good examples out there that needed a bigger audience. There was a way to make a road map for others to go after that same kind of fulfillment.

    While we had a wonderful Code of Values at Neighborly, there was a way to encourage others to create their own actionable code of values for their family, their business, their life…their everything…and take things to the next level.

    That led to my book Values, Inc.

    Not only has it been referenced time and again as another thing that attracts people to our Neighborly home services as associates at HQ, as franchisees for our brands, and as end-user customers of those home services. It has also led to audiences far and wide in search of that special something in their lives. And it presents real-life situations, many of them very tough to digest, that showcase how bad things can happen in the world, but good things can come from how we deal with them.

    Of course, I’m extremely partial to outstanding leaders who have championed taking the high road. And the examples they have given to society at-large are infectious. So, why not invite readers to embrace these role models? Why not give inspiration to people who are hungry for it? Why not invite everyone to make a change for the better?

    Since the book’s release, I’ve been honored to take this message to audiences far and wide. I’ve spoken at countless conferences and conventions across the country and around the world. The goal to live and lead with a strong code of values - values that you can put into action - has become like my favorite song’s refrain ever since.

    As my friend Matthew Kelly wrote on the book cover: “Every day people wonder why the corporate world is such a value-fee zone. Most people conclude that it’s because having values is not profitable. But the complete opposite is true…as you are about to discover.”

    In case you want to discover it, I invite you to read Values, Inc. too.

    For copies of the book, visit HERE. And to learn more about the Neighborly home services that started it all, visit franchise opportunities HERE.