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  • New Normal, Old Friends

    Welcome to my new normal. As it turns out, not working takes a lot of work…but it’s a wonderful realization all the same. I’m happy to say that almost three months into my sabbatical, I’ve had delightful run-ins with all things Neighborly and franchising. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. It just goes to show the influence and impact of an industry — one where I have dedicated my entire professional life — that continues to impact my everyday life as well.

    Familiar faces showed up in my own home sweet home.

    After many weeks of holiday celebrations with family and friends, I finally had the opportunity to slow down and work on better managing my own household. Not surprising, I knew the perfect people to help me get important things done. Neighborly franchisees have been doing a wonderful job getting my home in tip-top shape including: Glass Doctor replacing clouded windows, Aire Serv installing a new and more efficient HVAC system, and Grounds Guys getting our yard ready for the spring. Next up, Five Star Painting will be putting a fresh coat on the outside. The transformation has been amazing, and we’re just getting started!

    Then I had an epic reunion at the IFA Convention!

    I also broke with my sabbatical recently to live up to an agreement that I had made last summer to speak at the International Franchise Association convention. The IFA is like extended family to me, so it certainly didn’t feel like work. And since I’ve been involved with IFA since my early twenties, it’s always a welcomed event to surround myself with unbelievable, values-based friends. I had the pleasure of seeing life-long colleagues, including many team members and franchisees from Neighborly, in addition to making new and exciting friends.

    One of the other highlights was hearing Simon Sinek speak at the opening general session. His keynote address about the “Infinite Game of Business” spoke directly to my love for values as I took pages of notes. His five actions, which are not easy to conquer, gave clear validation for organizations that have a strong code of values and work regularly to perform them daily in these five areas as well. Those include:

    1) Advance a just cause.

    2) Build trusting teams.

    3) Study your worthy rivals.

    4) Existential flexibility.

    5) Have the courage to lead!

    Thanks, Simon, for the great inspiration! We all have a choice on how we play this infinite game of business, and the best choice is to play it with a clear set of values and a team committed to those values.

    Now back to my sabbatical! I am heading to a 24-hour silent retreat this week after I spend some time with my granddaughter as we celebrate her first year of life.

    Keep Living RICH!