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  • Welcome (Back) Home

    At the end of 2019, I shared my decision to take a sabbatical. I didn’t know what my day-to-day life would be like as a result of that decision, but I did have goals. I wanted to spend more time with my family, work on deepening my faith and spirituality, and find new ways to be of service to others as I navigated the new future that awaited me.

    Fast forward, and in the midst of my journey, it appears that the whole world has joined me in light of recent circumstances. In fact, social distancing seems to be outlining many ways in which we are all more alike than ever before. Call me an optimist, but while today’s current challenges certainly aren’t easy, I cannot help but see the good in the world that is being shared as a result.

    As I scroll through social media or speak with friends, I see so many positives that outshine the negatives. The remote workforce has exponentially grown and with it came quality family time, prayers and encouragement to help others, and deep personal self-reflection as society reevaluates what is most important in our daily lives. That may not have been the case in the hectic day-to-day of yesterday… But our new normal is teaching us invaluable lessons, and generosity and empathy are overflowing.

    I am no expert on what God has planned, but I do know that he understands and hears our needs. I’m hopeful that if we focus on the right mindset and activities today, our families and our world at-large will grow stronger with each new day.

    So in these uncertain times, I encourage you to embrace the invitation that life has delivered your way. Be good to yourself. Love those who you suddenly find yourself with — all…day…long. Have faith that we will all get through this in the very best way. I will keep praying for the good that I see to continue, and I invite you and your families to do the same.

    [PS - This is a perfect time to get intentional about the culture you are creating at home. I invite you to download my free Create Your Culture Workbook and make this journey with your loved ones. This workbook is not just for the workplace. It’s for your immediate reality as well.]