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  • We are never done communicating our company values

    It’s been quite a journey. Dwyer Group has celebrated 36 years in business with a Code of Values. Those values have evolved over the years to become our operationalized version with the Live R.I.C.H. theme, promoting respect, integrity, customer focus and having fun in the process. That led to my book Live R.I.C.H. and the idea to emphasize the message throughout our entire growing franchise network. That message soon drew attention outside of our company, including viewers of the “Undercover Boss” TV show. That led to speaking engagements. And soon the message graduated to my book Values, Inc. with a roadmap for how others could create their own code of values and put them into action.

    Whew! That’s an exciting and busy journey. But we’re not done yet.

    As Values, Inc. celebrates its second anniversary, the book and the message continue to evolve.

    This March, Values, Inc. celebrated its second anniversary. I cannot begin to express how this book has exceeded my wildest expectations. The fact that so many people have supported the book, looked to it for instruction, shared its message and expanded my ultimate goal to help others define their values and put them into practice has been a dream come true. From stories in the Waco Trib all the way Inc. and from speeches at Chamber of Commerce keynotes all the way to Congressional retreats, the places that have welcomed the Values, Inc. message have opened a door to a world of possibilities for how far this news can travel.

    And speaking of doors, the number of front doors that our franchise brands are knocking on continues to grow beyond belief. The attraction to our service brands and the values that they promote has been amazing. On top of that, the acquisition of complimentary service brands to the Dwyer Group roster has exponentially expanded our areas of expertise, the number of end-user customers that we serve, and the valuable experiences that we deliver. All the while, we have remained true to our mission to live and lead with our Code of Values, keeping our company culture so unique and supporting a bottom line that is so successful. And now here we are evolving again.

    There is always room to improve business. We are showing that today with Neighborly™.

    While the values in our business have remained strong for more than three decades, there was a clear opportunity to make them more pronounced with our end-user customers. As CEO Mike Bidwell and the leadership team have excelled in building the Dwyer Group to 14 franchise brands and more than 2,800 franchise owners, it also revealed that our customers may have only used one Dwyer service brand in the past. The chance to introduce them to the “neighbors” offering complimentary services and repairs that they might one day need was just calling out for attention. It was time get proactive. It was time to #GetNeighborly.

    With the launch of a new overarching brand, Neighborly, we are standing tall, reemphasizing the values that make all of our services special. We are also showing that we are never done communicating our company values. Yes, even after 36 years in business, we are still raising the bar. And I invite everyone to explore our neighborhood.