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  • The Neighborly Thing To Do

    Every day, people look to service professionals to do a good job, charge a fair price, and leave their home better than the way you found it. But when all is said and done, the job is about so much more than just fixing a problem. It’s also about showing care for one of people’s most prized possessions: a home. And by providing a good customer experience, it can turn into a long line of happy customers with referrals.

    But what happens if you have sister companies who could deliver the same exceptional experience for an array of services those customers might one day need? In Dwyer Group’s case, what if a customer who enjoyed a job performed by Mr. Rooter might one day need the skills of Mr. Electric? Or Mr. Appliance? Or Glass Doctor? Or….well, you get the idea. With some 14 service brands across our collective Dwyer Group franchise network, there’s a world of opportunity just waiting to happen for our happy customers to get another “neighborly” visit in a time a need. And that brings us to an exciting announcement.

    Meet our new umbrella brand: Neighborly™

    The idea that service professionals for Dwyer Group service brands strive to be neighborly isn’t new. After all, we have had a strong Code of Values to follow as our roadmap for doing business. We’ve called it our goal to Live R.I.C.H. at Dwyer Group, following the themes of Respect, Integrity, Customer focus, and Having fun in the process. Living R.I.C.H. is about treating people with respect and dignity. Those themes and the strength of our Code of Values have kept a growing organization grounded as we’ve expanded in size, reach and scope of services for more than 35 years. And today, our network includes more than 2,800 franchise owners across 11 countries serving customers doing more than $1.4 billion in system-wide sales each year.

    But as our organization has grown by adding service brands, and those service brands have excelled by serving essentially the same customer base, only 2.8% of our customers have ever used more than one Dwyer Group brand. Just imagine if they knew everybody in the Dwyer Group neighborhood!

    With that in mind, Dwyer Group has launched a new umbrella brand that encompasses the full roster of service brands under one unifying consumer-facing Neighborly logo. (Neighbourly to our friends in Canada.) For property owners, Neighborly is a home service platform that provides local experts to help you like a neighbor would help you, because they are driven by R.I.C.H. values.

    Watch this VIDEO to get an idea of just how important this is to our organization and the wonderful customers our franchisees serve. Neighborly was created to be that trusted source and unite all of our brands into one, consumer-facing experience. A brand remarkable enough to become a household name. A household name for all things household.

    Moving forward, every service brand will have the added tagline of being “A Neighborly Company.” The potential to cross-market services and repairs to the same consumer group will be far-reaching and immediate. Why: Because “We are Neighborly. A community of home service experts.” And while homeowners are more connected today, they feel more alone. While technology has rushed to provide solutions, there is a dire need to create a more human experience like that of a good neighbor. It’s time to #GetNeighborly.

    Franchising is a powerful tool to do more for business and for customers

    Complete with a new website GetNeighborly.com, cross-marketing and promotion at the grassroots level with franchisees, and the CRM tools and assets that will educate customers about all Dwyer Group service brands in their markets, our business can be the complete solution for service and repairs. And, like history has already shown for more than three decades in franchising, our difference is our people. They make the human connection that delivers on the promise of our important service brands. They are the experts representing expert companies.

    As we continue to grow in franchise locations across all service brands in major markets, our combined solutions for happy customers can grow as well. It’s at the heart of what makes franchising great, by delivering the added advantages of a trusted name with people who can meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

    We think it’s the Neighborly way to do business. So, to everyone out there who needs service professionals you can trust, we eagerly invite you to meet ALL your neighbors at Dwyer Group.