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  • The Hottest Customer Service Around

    As a Texas resident, I’m a bonafide expert on one thing: Summers are hot! But this year, the entire country has been sizzling with record temperatures. There were 41 record high temperatures across the U.S. in July, but zero record minimums. Even Death Valley recorded the hottest month on record. Yet with all of this oppressive sunshine and humidity comes real opportunity. And I count my blessings that the Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning organization includes an amazing network of franchisees and front-line service professionals who continue to deliver.

    Fix the Problem. Save the Customer.

    It’s one thing to be without air conditioning in your home or business. It’s quite another to be out there in the hot sun and climbing in even hotter attics and crawl spaces to fix those problems. That’s when Aire Serv service professionals become true heroes in a desperate time of need. And I’m amazed at the stories I hear about franchisees delivering service above and beyond expectation to not only repair and replace air conditioners, but also to save customers from uncomfortable and even life-threatening situations.

    One such story showed up when I got an email that said, “Greetings, IFA friend!” from a colleague, Tim English. And it followed with this:

    It was the hottest week of the year in Washington, D.C. According to Tim, it was like 95 degrees all week long. That’s when he and his wife Edith came face to face with the death of their air conditioner. It took them a couple of days to conclude that they needed a new unit. And by that time, it was 94 degrees inside the house. They even had to stay at a friend’s house the week of July 4th.

    They put out the call for help. The first contractor failed and completely dropped the ball. Tim said, he "disappeared off the radar. No answer.” Edith and Tim scrambled and called several other contractors and got responses like “we can be there in a week.”

    That’s when Edith said, “Why don’t we call one of the Dwyer Group franchisees. I know they have an A/C company.” And presto! Tim said that Aire Serv called back inside of 2 hours. On top of that, the franchisee, Roman Moreno, of Aire Serv of Lorton, personally did the quote for the job on July 4th. Then one of Roman’s crew members made a special drive to Baltimore on July 5th to get the promised unit. They returned to install it that same day. Roman led the crew, and they worked for seven hours getting the work done just right.

    From beginning to end, the experience made a lasting impression. Tim said Roman and his wife Claudia, the office manager, were fantastic. Tim called the whole Aire Serve team polite, professional, honest, and hardworking. He said, “As they cranked up the unit at 8:45 p.m. and the house began to cool, we sat out on the back deck and shared dogs and burgers with the crew.”

    How’s that for a happy customer? He broke bread with Aire Serv after a job well done.

    Being Neighborly Counts.

    Across all of the service brands at Dwyer Group, this is what it means to be neighborly in our business. And that includes making it easier for people to find good help these days. That’s why we created Neighborly — an online platform that connects consumers with all of our service brands in a timely manner. Just like Aire Serv showed Tim and Edith, it’s so important to have a trusted local service provider to take care of your home when your home needs help!

    In case you’re in need of service or repairs for your home, I invite you to visit my Dwyer Group discounts page HERE.

    And if being part of our Neighborly service brands is of career interest to you, find out more HERE.