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  • How to be a Better Leader

    In a recent Inc.com article by Kevin Daum, I got to share one of my favorite pieces of advice about good leadership. Are your ears burning? Because it’s less about what leaders say, and more about how leaders listen to those around them. I am the first to admit that my journey as a leader has been blessed with having great people around me. There’s plenty that I don’t know on any matter of subjects. And it’s the fine art of listening to others that has helped me in business and in life.

    Specifically, the Inc.com story highlighted the impact to:

    1. Be Trustworthy

    2. Acknowledge the Right to Perspective

    3. Listen to Understand - Not to Respond

    4. Don’t Encourage Negativity

    I invite you to read the full Inc. article HERE.

    My thanks go out to Kevin for sharing with readers about how becoming a better listener can also help you to become a better boss. And I see this in our Code of Values at Dwyer Group, which provides such an important roadmap across our growing organization. Even the Harvard Business Review has shared how Listening Is an Overlooked Leadership Tool. I agree!

    By the way, one of the best ways to assist in great listening is to put the distractions away. I love it when I’m in a meeting and I can’t see anyone’s cell phone. Nobody is checking emails or text messages. Instead, they are giving their full attention to the discussion at hand. It’s a hard test for many, but the results are well worth the practice! You might be surprised at how this makes you a more informed, effective and engaged leader in so many ways.

    Happy listening, everyone.