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    There’s one thing I’ve learned in the business world. It’s way more fun to work in a job that challenges you, expands your abilities and enriches your life than to be in a job that you can do with your eyes closed. So when you hear someone say ‘he’s perfect for the job,’ be careful that doesn’t mean he will be perfectly bored. What I’ve witnessed instead is the thrill of attracting talent that can grow into a role and, magically, everyone is better off because of that contagious leading and learning experience.

    Dwyer Group CEO Mike Bidwell is great at finding this kind of talent. And he should know. He started out on the front lines of this business as a franchise owner of our very first Dwyer Group service brand, Rainbow International, in Arizona. Fast forward, and today he is the CEO of Dwyer Group that now includes 20 brands and 3,200+ franchisees around the world doing almost $2B a year in annual system-wide sales. He knows first-hand the rewarding journey of growing into a global leadership role. And, likewise, he looks beyond a resume to find fellow leaders for his amazing team.

    I was reminded of that when Luke Stanton, the very skilled president of ProTradeNet, wrote this recent guest column for the company newsletter. (Read it HERE ) Luke talks about being a student for life. His idea to embrace learning, even what he calls “failing forward,” is exactly why he was perfect for the role he now holds. Dwyer Group didn’t find Luke through an executive recruiter. The company didn’t post a job opening that he saw and pursued. Instead, Mike just happened to hear him speak to his church congregation.

    “I had seen Luke in action as a leader at a youth camp,” Mike said. “He had high energy and a positive and infectious enthusiasm that he exuded. Later I saw him address our congregation, providing an update regarding youth programs. He handled himself really well. I knew he had a business degree but was pursuing a career as a corporate pilot. But I felt like he had so much more potential to leverage his gifts if he were given a different career path. He clearly enjoyed impacting people’s lives. I was certain he would be better off for himself and his family working with us and so would those he interacted with at Dwyer Group (franchisees, associates, suppliers).”

    Luke joined Dwyer Group in 2011 as only the third employee of ProTradeNet - the company that connects our service brands with the best vendors in their respective industry. Over the years, he has been promoted, and PTN has kept growing as well. Today he is president of PTN, which is projected to do almost $9 million in gross revenues this year. PTN has over 2,500 members now that account for more than $120 million in purchases. There are more than 200 vendor partners, and collectively PTN has over a billion dollars in buying power.

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t the kind of experience Luke would have gained as a corporate pilot. But today, he leads a rapidly expanding team and has become the kind of leader that helps underscore why Dwyer Group continues to succeed. As Luke said in his column, “The last seven years have been absolutely incredible to say the least.”

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