Dina Dwyer-Owens: Successful Author
Dina Dwyer Owens

The result is nothing short of an exciting book to assist others seeking the harmony of living a life with values and reaching their dreams. From the familiar backdrop of Neighborly and its service brands that do an incredible job touching the lives of so many people, the pages of Values, Inc. take take readers on a bigger journey to showcase the many other admirable companies, leaders and, yes, even heroes who are a shining beacon to follow as well.

The biggest takeaway is that we are not alone in our pursuit to do the right thing. We are not alone in our quest to be the best. We are not alone in our ability to build exciting businesses and, likewise, lead authentic and meaningful lives. And, most importantly, this book will help others answer the ultimate question of: “How can I do that?” The measurable goal of creating a living code of values that comes to life for those who want it is within reach.