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  • The Power of Women in the Workforce
    - Women own almost 1 million businesses in Texas. - Texas women hold about 45 percent of the jobs in the business and professional services industry, ...
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  • Being Neighborly
    Recently, I was sitting in a Bloomberg TV studio in New York City doing a live interview about the unprecedented growth of our company and our ...
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  • The Hottest Customer Service Around
    As a Texas resident, I’m a bonafide expert on one thing: Summers are hot! But this year, the entire country has been sizzling with record ...
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  • How to be a Better Leader
    In a recent Inc.com article by Kevin Daum, I got to share one of my favorite pieces of advice about good leadership. Are your ears burning? Because ...
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  • Leaders Recruiting Leaders
    There’s one thing I’ve learned in the business world. It’s way more fun to work in a job that challenges you, expands your abilities and enriches your ...
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  • Being Part of Something Special
    I received a wonderful invitation from Radio Host Austin Meek to do an interview at my local NPR station, KWBU, for his show “Downtown Depot.” Austin ...
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  • Resolution Reboot
    Where did the first half of the year go? If you’re like me, the months can sometimes fly by quickly. And while I’m not encouraging people to live in ...
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  • Making Values a Healthy Habit
    A little over 20 years ago Dwyer Group implemented its operationalized Code of Values, making sure each value was clearly defined. Live R.I.C.H -- ...
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