Be Your Best Authentic Self

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who came together for The Dwyer Group Annual Reunion. We had more than 1,400 people gather at The Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas, for an amazing time of celebration, awards and higher learning across our service brands.

I’ll be honest. The Dwyer Group Reunion could not come soon enough! The last time we gathered, I had just finished filming an episode for CBS’s Emmy-winning series “Undercover Boss.” But it had not been televised yet, so I couldn’t share my joy and my excitement about being on the front lines of our business with all of the people who ARE the front lines of our business. This year, however, was the icing on the cake. Not only could I talk about the broadcast. I could also talk about the rebroadcasts, the tweets and Facebook posts from viewers around the world, the great emails from happy customers and, yes, being on the front lines of our business.

My message to everyone at The Dwyer Group Reunion was about four key lessons from my journey as Faith Brown (my undercover name) on “Undercover Boss.” And they are lessons that I hope everyone can take and use to their own advantage across our service brands:

1)      Be your best authentic self – I was no service professional expert working alongside the pros across our franchise family. The cameras caught all of my bloopers, and it made things entertaining for millions of viewers around the country and around the world. But I just had to do my best and be myself. The result of hard work and a willingness to learn is that you do get better! And I had some great teachers along the way.

2)      Surround yourself with a value-based team – I found The Dwyer Group Code of Values alive and well on the front lines of our business. And we are made stronger with that team. No, we are not perfect. We just work hard and give our best effort with a strong Code of Values to show us the way. And that is a huge advantage for the millions of people we serve.

3)      Systematize and internalize – It’s as true today as it was 31 years ago when The Dwyer Group was formed. You must follow the system. It applies to everyone and every level of the business, and I applied it to my own experience as Faith Brown.

4)      Measure your performance – I know that I am a better leader today because of what I have experienced on my journey inside the company and across our service brands. I have a new perspective on what we do from a “worm’s-eye view,” as I call it. In other words, I’ve seen things on the ground level, and we measure up in a big way.

I’ve been waiting a VERY long time to share why I decided to participate on the show and what I learned from those very people in our audience at The Dwyer Group Reunion. We are a great company today because we have such outstanding men and women on our team. And I am forever grateful for all of them. Because, in my opinion, they are their best authentic selves. Thank you, all.

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