Meaningful Mondays

Today I had the great honor of welcoming 81 attendees to franchise training at The Dwyer Group. That’s a new record for our company. It’s the most we’ve ever had across all of our service brands in one class.  And it makes me smile to no end. I’ll just call this a Meaningful Monday – one of many in the history of our franchise family that continues to remind me why I have a passion for this business.   The Dwyer Group is 31 years young with more than 1,600 franchises around the world, and this place is still stretching boundaries and setting new goals.  As I looked across the room, I saw faces of inspiration – new franchise owners who were eager to represent our service brands, who were optimistic for the future, and who are championing small business in America in a huge way. I gave my “Design Your Life” seminar to everyone in attendance, and it was a powerful audience to address. I’m so grateful for our team. Thanks to them, I’ve enjoyed another great start to another outstanding week ahead. And there will be many, many more to come.

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