National Women in Small Business

This week I did an interview with KWTX-TV, my local CBS station, for National Women in Small Business Month. And I was happy to share the news of the Women in The Trades Program at The Dwyer Group, which is spreading the word about employment and scholarship opportunities for women across our service brands. From franchise owners running their own business to service professionals making the house calls, we see examples at all levels of women succeeding in this industry. And we can do more. We can break down the stereotypes of our service trades to show that opportunities exist. We can celebrate the people on the front line – men AND women – who are representing our brands with pride. We can change the image of our industry and spread the rewards of good careers with good pay. And we can create an even stronger workforce that trumps the economy and shows the true power of Main Street America to get our country going again.  Here’s to all the women out there who are making a difference and the generations more to come. For more information on the Women in The Trades Program, I encourage you to visit:

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