The Year of Faith

This truly has been a year of Faith. First and foremost, as a devout
Catholic, that was the theme celebrated by the church, which has been a
wonderful source of support and inspiration in my daily life as a wife,
mother and business leader.

But more publicly, it was a year that people saw me as Faith Brown, my
alternate persona on the Emmy-winning CBS show “Undercover Boss.” And what a
blessing that show was for me, for our company and for the many viewers it
touched across the country and around the world.  The Dwyer Group, our
service brands and our Code of Values have reached tens of millions of
people in 2012 as a result of that show. And my own personal journey at the
grassroots level will be an experience I will cherish forever – an
experience that continues to flourish with each rerun in the U.S. and
broadcasts around the globe.

The victories of 2012 also extended beyond our TV exposure. The VetFran
program achieved a huge milestone with Operation Enduring Freedom to provide more jobs to military veterans and to continue to provide a pathway to
franchise ownership for those with a dream of owning their own business. The
Dwyer Group service brands have awarded 268 VetFran sales since January of
2003 and more than $1.5 million in financial discounts, and the program only
gets stronger.

This year saw the introduction of The Dwyer Group Public Protectors program,
extending similar financial incentives to our first-responders here at home
as we do for the military. That has introduced franchise ownership to
policemen and women, fire fighters and EMT workers looking for that next

On the home-front we are thankful that our franchisees are growing even in a challenging environment. All seven brands will be celebrated on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 ranking, which comes out in the January issue.

For all of that growth, that exposure and that popularity of 2012, we have
stood on stages, given speeches, accepted trophies and congratulated the
team. Life in the spotlight for our service brands has been truly rewarding
and the result of great teamwork, and for me, the faith in knowing that years of following the code of values and our systems would get us here.

Equally important is what has happened outside of the spotlight. Behind the
headlines and accolades are the real stories that get shared daily at the
office, forwarded over a random email or passed along at the water fountain.
They are the tales of a great company with great people who believe in our
mission, vision and values. They are the reminders that we continue to
re-earn our position every day in every way. It is the stuff that isn’t
captured by the cameras – it’s just who we are.

It’s the annual stories of the Mr. Rooter franchise that “saved Thanksgiving”. It’s the countless events, fundraisers and community service hours that have happened all year long to establish record-setting support across our franchise brands for their local Ronald McDonald House Charities. It’s the stories behind the scenes of women who have sent in resumes and expressed interest in our Women in the Trades programs, because they want access to careers and opportunities across our service brands. It’s the network of franchise owners across the country who banded together and shared resources to dispatch needed help to victims of Hurricane Sandy. And it’s the induction of our founder, the late Don Dwyer Sr., into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame for being such a visionary more than 30 years ago to set us on this exciting adventure at The Dwyer Group. I know that he is smiling from Heaven after the year we’ve just had. And I have faith that the year ahead will be even more remarkable.

Thanks to everyone for being part of this fantastic journey. I wish you and
your friends and family a wonderful, safe and happy holiday season.

Keep living R.I.C.H.!
Dina Dwyer-Owens

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